Compare Window Frames

Altair® Louvres can be fitted into a variety of aluminium and timber window frame systems.

Choosing the right framing system can be complex and is best discussed with your window dealer. Breezway has two framing systems that are available through approved window dealers. The Easyscreen and Slimline Window Systems all have differing purposes as outlined below. In addition many Asian window dealers have designed their own framing systems to suit Altair Louvre componentry.

Easyscreen™ Window System

Slimeline™ Window System

Altair in Other Window Frames

Frame depth131mm52mmVaries
Frame constructionAluminiumAluminiumAluminium, Timber
Visible fixingsNone
Altair Louvre BaysYesYesYes
Fixed Lite BaysYesNoYes
Screen positionOutsideNo screenNo Screen
Handle options• Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle
• No handles (Powerlouvre)
• Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle
• Standard handle
• Low Profile Handle
• Ring handle
Security options• Integrated solid bars
• Screens
Reveals & flashingAvailableAvailableAvailable
Compatible sub

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